The Crew

We’re hands on. We are a community of people who make things, enjoy nature in abundance, admire the intricacies, and work to build a better world.

We are physically based in the Hudson Valley. In this age of connectivity, we believe that where we live is reflective of our mindset - here we allow our ideas to have space (pun intended). We are proud to call this region our home.

Avi Arenfeld

Web Developer

Avi Arenfeld is a web developer with a background in art and design. He enjoys building custom web applications and focusing on user experience, interface design, and animation.

Diana Loehr

Ops Manager

Diana loves to know that all engines are running smoothly at warp drive speed to destination, as envisioned.

Drew Bancroft

Project Manager

Drew believes you can solve problems creatively while loving what you do... while staying on time and within budget, of course.

Grace Moore

Office Manager

Grace is a creative problem solver who keeps the office in order so that the Moonfarmer team stays in orbit.

Jeff Musal

Senior Developer

Jeff is a problem-solver who specializes in data-based decision making and using content management systems to optimize administrative experiences.

Kale Kaposhilin

Co-Founder | Chief Community Officer

Kale Kaposhilin is an entrepreneur, storyteller, and community builder. He is behind many of the creative technology and human-first community development projects happening in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Teal Hutton

Digital Producer

Teal is simultaneously as drawn to the microcosmic detail of sentence structure as she is to the galaxy of collaborative process and creative efficiency.

A creative digital studio specializing in handmade websites, applications, and art.