Dan Richfield

Senior Developer

Dan Richfield is a full stack developer working primarily in Javascript and React.

Dan has a varied background with experiences ranging from constructing houses to constructing code. Right out of high school he started his own web company, which he ran while studying photography and mixed media installation at SUNY Purchase and the International Center of Photography. After ten years he sold that business and spent some time traveling the world, learning to build upcycled solar houses called earthships. He eventually moved back to New York where he started an urban lumber company. Throughout all of this he spent his free time learning how to code, until he realized that he could turn this hobby into a career. He now loves working as part of a team and is happy to have finally found his calling as a front end developer.

Dan lives in the Hudson Valley with his wife Justine and their dog Josie. Together they love the process of learning new things and working on diy projects. They were featured on an episode of the DIY Network’s “Building Off The Grid” for building the tiny house where they currently live. They have plans to build a shop, a garage, and eventually their own house.
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