Erin Barth-Dwyer

Marketing and Business Development Manager

Erin keeps the people of earth connected with all the exciting work we do at Moonfarmer.

Erin is a passionate communicator who is fascinated by the power of a well-constructed narrative. With a BA in Digital Media Production, she has experience working in television and radio, spending time with PBS affiliate station WNET and working as the Creative Production Manager at WFNP.

At Moonfarmer, Erin applies her background in storytelling to a comprehensive range of marketing tactics in order to connect people to projects that will enrich their lives. She currently serves as co-organizer and co-host of the Hudson Valley Tech Meetup, helping to highlight the innovative work happening in our region. In everything she does, her main mission is to facilitate human connection and build community. This is why she’s proud to be a part of the Moonfarmer crew, broadcasting to the world in a mission she believes in!

In addition to wordsmithing, Erin is a musician, a nature-lover, and a serial hobbyist with a tendency to take on far too many personal projects. She is deeply committed to being involved in her community, and spends time volunteering with a local activist group. Above all else, she loves her dog Garbo who she often adventures with up in the mountains.
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