Noelle Morris

UX Designer

Noelle is still exploring her place in the universe, navigating through the asteroid belt of post-grad existentialism. Equipped with academic theories and some good instincts, she pushes design intention to truly serve people's wants and dreams.

Flying in from a country far, far away, Noelle was born and raised in the Philippines, and graduated with a BA in Cognitive Science from Vassar College. The common thread across her background in linguistics, philosophy, and even robotics has been a fascination for moments where intention shapes outcome. She loves learning about how the meaning of something shapes its message, how your "-ism" shapes your reality, and how survival goals shape a behavioral hierarchy. Noelle has worked as an in-house design intern for Hybrid Social Solutions, a Filipino social entrepreneurship involved in solar energy, and as a branding & design intern for Limetta, a creative studio in Hudson.

Noelle lives Manhattan and is constantly fighting the urge to adopt a dog (she has four back in Manila). She likes to cook almost as much as she loves to eat, and she enjoys playing badminton, scuba-diving and dabbles in surfing. Noelle is an absolute space cadet and zones out for minutes at a time - often mishearing you even when she comes back down to Earth. She also compulsively eats calamari every time she remembers that such a perfect, godly food exists.
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