Fleishers Craft Butchery, a sustainable, local, and humanely raised meat company started here in the Hudson Valley, grew quickly after it opened in 2004, resulting in three new shops, a new visual identity, and the need for a website that reflected both. Our solution is built on WordPress, allowing the client to easily keep their site up-to-date, and the design puts the spotlight on the visual identity, including photography, that reflects what Fleishers is all about. The client says the website "truly represents" the company's brand and values, saying "it creates an impeccable first impression." for their audience.

Fleishers Website

"We're so happy to have a site that truly represents our brand, our values, and our meat. I love meeting new customers or partners for the first time who say 'Your website is so beautiful.' It creates an impeccable first impression and it's a platform to which we're proud to direct our audiences." Sophie Grant, Marketing Director, Fleishers Craft Butchery


We've been working with Fleishers—our neighbors here in Kingston—since their very beginnings. They are a great example of the type of business that the Hudson Valley can foster: not only economically successful, but good for the community and the environment. As pioneering craft butchers, Fleishers aims to "elevate butchery" by focusing on cutting and cooking local meat, raised humanely, that actually tastes better. They're driven by some pretty clear values: quality, craft, transparency, responsibility (to the animals, the environment, and the community), and relationships. We're happy to be included in that final category.


Fleishers began in Kingston in 2004. However, they didn't stay very small for very long; they expanded to Brooklyn—where they opened a storefront in Park Slope—and then to Westport, Connecticut—where they merged with a shop founded by an early student of Fleishers called simply, Craft Butchery. The company now has four butcher shops, a craft kitchen restaurant, and a headquarters and teaching facility in Red Hook, Brooklyn, all within the first 11 years. Along with this growth came a rebrand that gave them a new visual identity. All this change meant that Fleishers Craft Butchery needed a new website that reflected their new identity and could keep up with their growth. That's where we came in.


Working off the rebranding efforts that Fleishers had undertaken, we designed a website that reflected their fresh new brand identity. The Fleishers team provided the copy and the images, and we created a website that beautifully showcases these elements along with the values and philosophy that are so central to Fleishers.

graphic from the site showing different sections

We developed the site on a WordPress CMS (content management system). Because Fleishers now has several locations, we wanted to ensure that all members of their team could easily keep their menus, contact information, events calendar, and other content up-to-date, an option offered by a CMS like WordPress. To make those updates effortless, we built customized administrative interfaces that allowed any team member to easily update any of the website's content. As with many of our WordPress websites, we recommended that Fleishers host their site at WPEngine because of their best-in-class performance, excellent support, and feature-rich platform.

Like all of our work, the website was responsive (meaning it functions optimally on any screen size or any mobile or desktop device), and the front end of the site was built using modern web technologies.


the website open on an iPhone

The result is a beautiful and easy-to-update website that reflects Fleishers brand and values. Check it out, or contact us to learn more about what an EMN website can do for your business.

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