Terrapin Restaurant

When local restaurant​ Terrapin needed to rethink their website, we started from the basics. We revamped the site architecture to ensure important information was up front and center and to clarify the relationship—and the differences—between the two Terrapin spaces, the bistro and the dining room​; we paid special attention to the user experience of those accessing the website on mobile; and we highlighted the restaurant's amazing ambiance and beautiful cuisine by featuring prominent photography of the space and the food. In the end, the client was excited to share it with his customers—just what we like to hear!

"The entire team was a pleasure to work with as we designed and built our new website for Terrapin Restaurant."

—Terrapin owner Josh Kroner


Located just across the Hudson River, Terrapin is a Hudson Valley dining destination. Chef Josh Kroner serves up fresh, local, high quality, absolutely beautiful food in a stunning space in the heart of Rhinebeck.


Originally built in 2005, Terrapin's previous website wasn't responsive—a huge problem in today's mobile world. Secondly, the website wasn't organized optimally to showcase what customers really needed and wanted to know. Terrapin has two distinct area of the restaurant—the bistro and the dining room—and these areas have different hours, menus, and reservation policies. The previous website didn't make that distinction clear, causing confusion for patrons. The site itself was not easy to navigate, with some important pages and information, like restaurant events, buried in dropdown navigations. And overall, the website wasn't showcasing the restaurant's beautiful interior or the quality of the food.


With these needs in mind, Moonfarmer overhauled the site architecture and redesigned and developed the website from the ground up on Wordpress. Here are a few highlights:

Terrapin website on a mobile phone

Special attention to the mobile experience

The old website was not responsive—meaning it wasn't optimized for smartphones or other mobile devices—and we knew that had to change. Our crew put a lot of thought into what the user would see when they first got to the Terrapin website on a mobile device.

When people view restaurant websites on their mobile devices, they're often in their cars searching for a place to eat that's nearby and currently open. They need easy access to the menu, clear directions and hours, and contact information. We tried to hit all of those marks, including a large “book a reservation” button right as the user opens the page on mobile—all making it easier to get the information they need as quickly as possible while they're on the go.

Clear distinction between bistro and dining room

As we said above, this was one of the biggest confusions expressed by Terrapin patrons. We strove to solve this issue by making a clear distinction between the two areas of the restaurant, while still making sure they were connected under "Terrapin" in a cohesive manner.

Terrapin style tiles

On the homepage, we make it clear that the Red Bistro does not require reservations, the hours of each area, and links to their separate menus. The Dining Room and the Red Bistro also got their own “about” sections.

Smarter navigation

We redesigned the architecture of the site so that important information—to both the restaurant and the patrons—were easily accessible. For example, Terrapin hosts frequent special events that were not easily found on the old website. We made sure to highlight them on the homepage and in the navigation so patrons could always see what’s upcoming.

Terrapin homepage featuring photography

Highlighting the ambiance—and the food

The client worked with photographers to create beautiful, high quality images that showcased the beauty of Chef Josh Kroner's food and of the restaurant's newly updated interior. We designed the website to feature those beautiful images prominently, allowing patrons to get a sense of the luxury and the ambiance of the restaurant just by visiting the website.

A big launch

We worked with the restaurant team to time the launch of the new website simultaneously with the reveal of their newly renovated dining room—making it a fresh, new experience for the customer in several areas.


Owner & chef Josh Kroner's words say it all: "Kale, Victoria & the entire team were a pleasure to work with as we designed and built our new website for Terrapin Restaurant. We're very happy with the results and look forward to sharing it with our customers!"

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