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We take ideas and bring them to life. We customize each digital experience and enjoy problem-solving for success in human, intuitive ways.

Here are some of our expeditions from over the past twelve years. We are honored to have worked with our partners.

Peter Buffett

An artist's showcase with a custom media experience

Over his 30-year career in music, art, and philanthropy, Peter Buffett has produced an expansive and expressive body of work, including music, writing, video, and animation. We improved the web experience, and worked with him on the site architecture, copy and story development, user experience and interactions, web design and development.

Water Footprint Calculator

Water conservation is one of the most important topics in environmental discussions today, and it falls directly into the realms of environment and public health issues tackled by GRACE Communications Foundation. We partnered with GRACE to make increasing public awareness of water usage (direct and indirect) a fun and engaging exercise. The Water Footprint Calculator web app uses interactive and animated elements as well as clear and engaging data visualization, resulting in a learning experience that friendly and intuitive—then we made it easy for users to share the knowledge on social media. This project was the recipient of a 2016 Environmental Champion Award from the EPA.

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Hale Advisors

A web application that puts value in plain sight.

Hale Advisors had already perfected their analysis, and had been using it successfully for years. The one problem? It was all done in spreadsheets—and then, when they wanted to present their findings to a client, they had to create new slides from scratch. Our solution: create a digital tool that allowed Hale Advisors to focus on doing what they’re great at.

TEDX Culver City

For their inaugural conference in 2013 the organizers of TedX Culver city were looking to save some paper and have their conference guide available via a mobile application. We designed and built a re-useable mobile application for iOS and mobile web browsers that updated seamlessly from year to year—and we installed mobile tablet kiosks onsite at the conference to allow attendees to browse the talks during the event. Attendees were thrilled about the greener solution and the easy accessibility of speaker bios and schedules.

Tonner Doll

Tonner Doll, an award-winning Kingston-based collectible doll design company, needed a new website with a user-friendly, seamless e-commerce experience that integrated with their existing accounting system—and we took on the challenge, using the Magento platform. We built the site on WordPress, ensuring that the client could easily update their own blog and events content, and we worked directly with the founder and creative leads of the company to create related, yet distinct brand identities for Tonner Doll Co. and its sister brand, Wilde Imagination. The result: a clean, modern website with a great customer experience.

Tonner Doll Website

Terrapin Restaurant

When local restaurant​ Terrapin needed to rethink their website, we started from the basics. We revamped the site architecture to ensure important information was up front and center and to clarify the relationship—and the differences—between the two Terrapin spaces, the bistro and the dining room​; we paid special attention to the user experience of those accessing the website on mobile; and we highlighted the restaurant's amazing ambiance and beautiful cuisine by featuring prominent photography of the space and the food. In the end, the client was excited to share it with his customers—just what we like to hear!


Fleishers Craft Butchery, a sustainable, local, and humanely raised meat company started here in the Hudson Valley, grew quickly after it opened in 2004, resulting in three new shops, a new visual identity, and the need for a website that reflected both. Our solution is built on WordPress, allowing the client to easily keep their site up-to-date, and the design puts the spotlight on the visual identity, including photography, that reflects what Fleishers is all about. The client says the website "truly represents" the company's brand and values, saying "it creates an impeccable first impression." for their audience.

Fleishers Website

The Monday Campaigns: Healthy Monday Tips

Part scientific study, part custom web application, "Healthy Monday Tips"—produced in collaboration with The Monday Campaigns and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health—presented some specific challenges. Design to test whether customized health advice, delivered digitally, could contribute to positive behavioral changes for users, the solution we developed needed to be completely secure, allow users to stay anonymous, and deliver a consistent user experience. We created a Ruby on Rails web application with a completely custom, entirely secure content management system and assisted our client in quality assurance throughout the study setup, resulting in an excellent experience for researchers and users alike.

HandPicked Nation

HandPicked Nation came to us to boost their visitor retention and positioning of their content online. In our initial review of their existing website we found that, though their article, video, recipe, and product content was great, it was missing that special sauce. We engaged in a redesign and development project for HandPicked Nation to boost the readability of their content. Working with the HPN team to develop visual standards for their website, we were able to bring forth the content experience their readership deserved and improve their SEO in a direct and honest way.

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