The fun and intuitive design of the new and improved Water Footprint Calculator has been incredibly effective in showing our audience that water truly is everywhere, and that there are more opportunities to waste less and cut back than most of us realize.
— Peter Hanlon, Deputy Director of Programs for GRACE Communications Foundation

The GRACE Communications Foundation is dedicated to increasing public awareness of environmental and public health issues, with a focus on sustainable food production and the intersecting issues of food, water, and energy.

There’s one specific problem faced by all water conservation awareness campaigns: most people don’t actually know their water footprint and are unaware of the indirect impact of their diet, travel, and lifestyle on their overall water usage.

Therefore, Moonfarmer developed The Water Footprint Calculator. It provides a simple way to show people their true footprint, and shares how easy it is to drastically shrink their water footprint through lifestyle changes.


  • interactive and dynamically-rendered data visualization
  • a fun and easy user experience
  • easy social sharing
  • custom animation
  • modern CSS3 customized mobile optimization
  • and more
  • Awards and Recognition

    Winner of a 2016 EPA Environmental Champion Award

    Webby Awards “People’s Voice” Nominee in the Green category

    Featured in an ABC7 (California) news piece on water usage

    A creative digital studio specializing in handmade websites, applications, and art.